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Accelerated Dial-Up Internet Service

  • 19x Accelerator - Fastest Dial-Up
  • Call Alert - Internet Call Waiting
  • Unlimited Access
  • Premium USA Support
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Get A Dial Up Internet Accelerator

dial up internet accelerator


dial up internet accelerator


Have Faster Dial Up Internet with a Dial Up Internet Accelerator

With dial-up.com, members will receive a high speed dial up internet accelerator. Our customers are able to pick from a list of local numbers so that they will not have any long distance calls on their phone bills. We also offer one low monthly price for our standard dial up internet service plan.


Install a Dial Up Internet Accelerator

We offer a free download for the accelerator to all of our dial up internet customers. The download can be found in our page apps page under dialup internet accelerator. With this accelerator, members will be able to view web pages up to 19x faster than before! Instead of waiting for lengthy periods of time to view a web page, pages will load more quickly so that viewing will be available sooner.


Easy to Install Dial Up Internet Accelerator

Installation is simple. For our members, all that is required is a download of the NOW Imaging Technology’s accelerator and viewing speed will be increased by 19x. The software will work with Windows and Macintosh. The internet speed will not change, but the content of the web pages will be compressed, which allows the pages to load more quickly.


Dial Up Internet Accelerator Eliminates Need For DSL

This accelerator gives customers the opportunity to have the ease and lower price of dial up internet while experiencing the faster speed than is usually associated with dial up internet service. Viewing web pages, seeing pictures, and loading text on websites are among the things that will be faster after installation of the accelerator. The accelerator is available for all customers  receiving their dal up internet through dial-up.com.


dial up internet accelerator


Visit dial-up.com for today to download the dialup internet accelerator.

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